My Last Words To Floyd Mayweather...

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  1. Logan Paul

    Logan Paul

    7 days ago

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    • Vincent


      7 days ago

      it's a Wolverine VS a Lama that works out the Lama don't even have teeth the Wolverine can cause serious damage to a lion However the Wolverine is getting old and it would be awesome if Logan won but if Floyd wins he can then fight Jake that would be a better fight because Floyd hates Jake hahaha! Put on a good show for us guys this is great, make us smile laugh and collect your checks.

    • Abdullah


      7 days ago

      @DannyX we will see

    • Jeremy Bunoit

      Jeremy Bunoit

      7 days ago

      If you read this, keep your hands close to your face when you don't punch. Try to hit on the body if he defends. Don't take your eyes off and move fast in the ring. Don't move with same pattern, keep it random.

    • hammybear


      7 days ago


    • A.N.E AMV

      A.N.E AMV

      7 days ago

      @DannyX bro.... plz stfu

  2. Luke Orozco

    Luke Orozco

    39 minutes ago

    Love the vids man

  3. BestCovers ♪

    BestCovers ♪

    51 minute ago

    Actions speaks louder than words!! We're waiting bro

  4. Christopher Chism

    Christopher Chism

    Hour ago

    You are awesome Logan Paul

  5. Darkness


    Hour ago

    I cant wait until he breaks the simulation

  6. Milotote 1

    Milotote 1

    Hour ago


  7. davedarkangel100


    Hour ago

    Dude, stop being a pussy and get a proper job.

  8. Djeph Mouanga

    Djeph Mouanga

    Hour ago

    @Ibratv is bigger and younger than money. Please kidding... @Ibraplus



    Hour ago

    You made me wanna upload USgone videos

  10. King Raccoon

    King Raccoon

    2 hours ago

    Bro he clapped you

  11. rensai shobo - رينصاي شوبو

    rensai shobo - رينصاي شوبو

    2 hours ago

    i watched highlight only and i regret it , i watched illegally but i wamt u to pay me for the ugliness and stupidity in his last match words

  12. kaylawasbored


    2 hours ago

    Logan: bout to have a huge fight Also logan: N O O D L E S

  13. kaylawasbored


    2 hours ago

    Thought it was gonna be a good fight but yall just hugged it out

  14. cHiCkEn nUgGEt

    cHiCkEn nUgGEt

    2 hours ago

    Logan I already know ur dream I have proof

  15. Smulus workout guide

    Smulus workout guide

    2 hours ago


    • Finnish rat

      Finnish rat

      2 hours ago

      Stay mad

  16. Big Sage

    Big Sage

    3 hours ago

    Did anybody actually win the Current giveaway?

  17. Preston Ratliff

    Preston Ratliff

    3 hours ago

    three words, you. got. beat.

  18. Euan Deering-Kidd

    Euan Deering-Kidd

    3 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me how this youtuber still exists and why the hell is he fighting a famous boxef

  19. Sylvester E Dixon

    Sylvester E Dixon

    3 hours ago


  20. Mariano Castro

    Mariano Castro

    3 hours ago

    You remind me of a "Dumb and Dumber" character.

  21. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy

    4 hours ago

    Last words be like “I love you, wanna hug again sometime?”

  22. Hector Garcia

    Hector Garcia

    4 hours ago

    Canelo Alvarez fight a Mexican bro !

  23. Hector Garcia

    Hector Garcia

    4 hours ago

    Canelo fight

    • zijuiy wttuy

      zijuiy wttuy

      4 hours ago


  24. Hector Garcia

    Hector Garcia

    4 hours ago

    Fight canelo

  25. ً


    4 hours ago

    pelada hj lá no campo do barata tu leva teus 10 conto otario

  26. Killa K

    Killa K

    4 hours ago

    Is he Russian or Swedish?

  27. Mr. Tögg

    Mr. Tögg

    4 hours ago

    Dancing like divas in the ring!

  28. Dyplixtion


    5 hours ago

    what music did you use at the start??

  29. Aaron Gonzales

    Aaron Gonzales

    5 hours ago

    You suck loser Floyd is better then you

  30. Zenu


    5 hours ago

    i dont even like logan but he definetly did a good job in some aspect he won in my eyes

  31. Drowned Snail

    Drowned Snail

    6 hours ago

    Last words be like “I love you, wanna hug again sometime?”

  32. dean larouche

    dean larouche

    6 hours ago

    All though technically Mayweather one that fight had there been judges present. But the fact that you went the distance was huge and rarely ever happened s against him. So great job sir

  33. Natividad Narvaez

    Natividad Narvaez

    6 hours ago

    Logan I saw you on TV fighting in boxing I like it

  34. Felipe Ventura

    Felipe Ventura

    6 hours ago

    Tries to look like a beast, then proceeds at hugging opponent for the whole fight.

  35. Wolfe girl

    Wolfe girl

    7 hours ago

    Logan can you plsss do more videos with Sofie dossi

  36. Swift Gaming

    Swift Gaming

    7 hours ago

    Imagine fighting old people *Sheeeeeeesh*

  37. Koolest Kid

    Koolest Kid

    7 hours ago

    Jesus loves yall so much

  38. ereh


    8 hours ago


  39. Corey Long

    Corey Long

    8 hours ago

    So, I think he would have done alot better if he didn't run his mouth so much before the fight



    8 hours ago

    my dream is to have 1k subscribers on youtube But I have no support

  41. Kristjan Paal

    Kristjan Paal

    9 hours ago


  42. Natung Gyadi

    Natung Gyadi

    10 hours ago

    Plz fight in UFC Izzy or Usman😂🤣 Definitely get smashed

  43. The Chosen one

    The Chosen one

    10 hours ago


  44. Renee Speelman

    Renee Speelman

    10 hours ago

    You still got a girlfriend ? Unless you quit show casing your love life. Which is good news.

  45. Bobo Jones

    Bobo Jones

    10 hours ago

    Do it for kong

  46. Anthony Walters

    Anthony Walters

    10 hours ago

    Also only sub to tell u this punk bi**h

  47. Moses Exodus

    Moses Exodus

    11 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing, Lord-Jesus-Christ com

  48. Matt Andrews

    Matt Andrews

    11 hours ago

    Joe Rogan vs logan Paul would be great

  49. JTQ Fishing Inc.

    JTQ Fishing Inc.

    11 hours ago

    Good mab

  50. Reza 150

    Reza 150

    12 hours ago

    Hey Logan where is ginger I haven’t seen him for such a long long time.

  51. Robert Gale

    Robert Gale

    12 hours ago

    Why don't you fight old man iron Mike!!!🤴🏾 THE G.O.A.T 🤷‍♂️

  52. Nuutti Tenlen

    Nuutti Tenlen

    13 hours ago

    I respect you for going to a blm protest

  53. glamoween


    13 hours ago

    Umm where is ginger now...



    14 hours ago

    F** U LOGAN

  55. Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith

    14 hours ago

    Rest in peace Oreo Devon dog😪😪😔🤧🤧😨😰😥😢😭😭😭😭😱😓😞😣😢😥😰😢😥💙💜💕

  56. Jongsuuus 21

    Jongsuuus 21

    14 hours ago

    Logan Paul Vs Faze Jarvis This would be Fun Lol😂

    • Jongsuuus 21

      Jongsuuus 21

      Hour ago

      @John Fernandez yea Bro He's fast He knocked out Michael Damn.

    • John Fernandez

      John Fernandez

      8 hours ago

      @Jongsuuus 21 I'm proud of Jarvis fr fr

    • Jongsuuus 21

      Jongsuuus 21

      10 hours ago

      @John Fernandez yessir we know it But watch Jarvis vs Le Tho that was hella of a fight

    • John Fernandez

      John Fernandez

      10 hours ago

      Logan will win

  57. MatthewJ2011XJ11


    14 hours ago

    F u logan

  58. Huge Loose

    Huge Loose

    14 hours ago

    the fight is completely rigged, frankly, you don't have to be smart to realize the opposite the draw arranges the two parties Mayweather keep his invincibility and Logan Paul has not lost and of course in sports betting it brings a max as by chance it is obvious that Mayweather was not 100% you were not in a real boxing fight otherwise he would have been knocked out in the first round Logans are only liars and cheaters he makes fun of their subscribers just to make as much money as possible on their backs he only thinks about money 🤮🤮🖕

  59. Raymond Chambers

    Raymond Chambers

    15 hours ago

    i wanted this to be longerrrrrrrrrrrr omg the tears

  60. Harvey Gaming

    Harvey Gaming

    15 hours ago

    Paul your Loko

  61. sobiesky Jimenez

    sobiesky Jimenez

    15 hours ago


  62. Vermit


    16 hours ago

    Got dammit I am show fucking mad I scammed that fight was hot ass it was depressing Sorry for the cursing -Your local Izuku/Deku

  63. Rawan Alawad

    Rawan Alawad

    16 hours ago

    Love youuu

  64. Devang Madaan 1226

    Devang Madaan 1226

    16 hours ago

    Bring back the vlogs

  65. Osama Bin Laden

    Osama Bin Laden

    17 hours ago

    Laughable. Weakling. Quit boxing.

  66. Osama Bin Laden

    Osama Bin Laden

    17 hours ago

    Biggest fraud

  67. Trainer Studios

    Trainer Studios

    17 hours ago

    Floyed boxed Logan like a UPS package. 📦

  68. The fox Lord

    The fox Lord

    17 hours ago

    Fight Jarvis

  69. HR TV

    HR TV

    17 hours ago

    Whatever you say I Believe he is the current biggest entertainer🔥

  70. Winter Fallicle

    Winter Fallicle

    17 hours ago

    Mans ego got crushed 😂

  71. Wrxzzy Init

    Wrxzzy Init

    17 hours ago

    The hugging was cute 😩

  72. Phillip Anders

    Phillip Anders

    18 hours ago

    Y’all fake asf be real instead of being children. Like for real. Like stfu and stop y’all’s bull shit and live in the adult hood instead of dumb ass fame

  73. Aiman


    18 hours ago

    Fuck this fighting bullshit. I wanna watch the videos that you used to to from 2 years ago and before. You were such a great USgoner. Apologize to USgone about that stupid incident, which wasn't that big of a deal to begin with, and go back to making your original USgone videos.

  74. Mr Cozza

    Mr Cozza

    18 hours ago

    U lost btw

  75. Dont Touch Me

    Dont Touch Me

    18 hours ago

    even though u lost mate i still love the effort u stayed in the ring surviving 9 rounds appreciate it man if u reply to this it would mean the worrlld to me

  76. True Magwood

    True Magwood

    18 hours ago

    Wtf happened to neighbor Suzy?

  77. زكريا فهد سلطان عامر العامري

    زكريا فهد سلطان عامر العامري

    19 hours ago


  78. Senko-San 800 años 7w7

    Senko-San 800 años 7w7

    19 hours ago


  79. my_homeboys


    19 hours ago

    Logan Paul kick Mayweathers ass

  80. Powell Kids

    Powell Kids

    19 hours ago

    He smacked you to the ground

  81. Powell Kids

    Powell Kids

    19 hours ago

    I saw the Floyd mayweather

  82. Rajvardhan Kadam

    Rajvardhan Kadam

    19 hours ago

    Logan paul vs Niko Omilana

  83. Rajvardhan Kadam

    Rajvardhan Kadam

    19 hours ago

    Are you going to stop uploading on yt ??

  84. Lil_360potato


    19 hours ago

    Don't worry guys, he sneezed 3 times this morning and needed a hug 💙

  85. JJF CooVibz

    JJF CooVibz

    20 hours ago

    Logan should be a therapist like there there it’s all going to be alright

  86. Tbag Specialist

    Tbag Specialist

    20 hours ago

    Look at how much Logan changed, this dude was a massive douchebag 4 years ago

  87. Ortiz World

    Ortiz World

    20 hours ago

    “He’s a great holder” 😂

  88. Aditya Kadam

    Aditya Kadam

    20 hours ago

    *Sheer Genius*

  89. Greyson Orders

    Greyson Orders

    20 hours ago


  90. AnonymousGamer


    21 hour ago

    Who are you gonna fight next manny Pacquiao

  91. The Real Alan Johnston

    The Real Alan Johnston

    21 hour ago

    Logan survived a hole round with mayweather f the people saying you did bad

  92. TheBryanOn Gaming

    TheBryanOn Gaming

    21 hour ago

    What’s mean song it’s playing in 1:25

  93. Jordan Hamid

    Jordan Hamid

    22 hours ago

    when logan was fighting he got more hugs in 30 minutes than I will ever get in my life.

  94. Verified Demons

    Verified Demons

    22 hours ago

    Logan i used to like you as a youtuber but now your every where

  95. FelixTBR


    22 hours ago

    JAKE PAUL vs Austin McBroom

  96. just bunbun

    just bunbun

    22 hours ago

    what was it like? i was watching and my brother said you were just dancing around- you did okay! i heard mayweather is the greatest boxer-

  97. Risky Pup

    Risky Pup

    22 hours ago

    Welcome to wwf meats WWE meats youtube. Your money is as tough as you are!!!!